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And They Overcame Him By The Blood Of The Lamb And By The Word Of Their Testimony And They Did Not Love Their Lives To The Death - Rev.12:11

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suzyg1Suzy Gayle was born premature.  She was so tiny that her first bed was a small carrier and her clothing baby doll clothes.  She was also extremely delicate, so much so, that feeding and changing her clothes was a life-threatening experience.

Suzy’s parents took her to church as an early age.  As a small child her great grandmother introduced her to Jesus.  Later, at the age of nine she made a public profession of faith and identified with the Lord in water baptism.  From that moment she felt clean within and came to know Jesus as her friend, comforter, protector, and provider.

Suzy’s parents equipped her for life and taught her how to put your best foot forwarded.  Suzy’s grandmother taught her to have stamina and be her own person.  Suzy’s grandfather taught her all about ranch life.  By the time she reached her teen she was competing in barrel racing, pole bending, calf roping, and bull riding.  It is here she learned to give her all in whatever she did.

In her senior year she married her High School sweetheart, and set up housekeeping in the home in which her Mother was raised.  Just a few months into the marriage the young couple awakened in the early morning, to find their house on fire.  Fortunately they escaped from the burning inferno, but the dwelling was totally destroyed.

Shortly after the fire Suzy discovered she was pregnant.  The news excited the young parents and served as an inspiration to press on.  This excitement was soon dashed however when the doctor told her she might not be able to carry the child.  Fear and emotional upheaval mounted until she finally decided she had two choices... she could believe the physician, or the Great Physician.  Her neighbor, a preacher’s daughter, gave her a cloth that the church had anointed and prayed over.  This she carried as a point of contact with their prayers during the pregnancy. 

Vanessa Ann, which means “butterfly”, was born eight months later.  The doctors said the little lady had several physical problems, and wouldn’t live through the night.  Once again, Suzy was challenged with the same two choices.  Each moment was like a lifetime as she claimed her child’s life before the Lord.  In the wee hours of the next morning Vanessa was flown to Albuquerque Hospital for emergency care.  There was no room for mama on the plane, so Suzy’s parents drove their fragile daughter to the hospital where Vanessa had been taken.  When she arrived, Suzy was told the baby’s life was slipping away and the doctors had done everything they knew to do.  Much to their surprise, when Suzy’s hands touched her newborn she began to recover.

As the years passed, Suzy found herself thrust into the workday world.  Along with her heavy work schedule she was also studying to be a nurse.  Her grandmother cared for the growing Vanessa, while mama faded further and further into the secular world.

Soon another set of problems began to surface.  Suzy was diagnosed with cancer.  This served as a rude awakening for the aspiring nurse.  Once again she found herself on her knees before the Lord asking if His word was really true, and could she rely on His intervention.  Five different cancer surgeries followed, and each time the surgeons discovered the cancer missing when they arrived at the location of the problem.  Suzy accredits each case to the Lords miraculous healing.  Her healings to date include many other instances of Divine restoration.

Suzy’s next major challenge nearly took her life.  Vanessa Ann was now a teenager, attempting to adjust from the separation of her dad, parents going through a divorce, a new location, new school, and the difficulties associated with teen life.  She was also being introduced to suicide in a special study course at her High School.  One day, after a breakup with her boyfriend, life was just more than she could bear.  While her Mother was away at work, she took her life.

The pain associated with the loss of her child was beyond description.  Suzy begged the Lord to take her home.  This led to unbelievable depression and resignation from life.  She found some comfort in several television programs, but her self-worth was at near nothing.  One day, while begging the Lord to take her Home, He said, “you can’t go until you accomplish the work I’ve chosen for you.”   Raising her voice to the Lord she said, “Then give me my job so I can do it and then get to go Home.”

In July of 1998 her husband read of a Country Music Expo being held in Roswell, New Mexico and encouraged her to attend.  During this encounter with CGMA, the president of the organization took a personal interest in her and offered his assistance.  Suzy had sung with her family as a child and wanted to be in the ministry even more.  Soon, she found herself on a tour of several Eastern States singing at the 1998 International Country Gospel Convention.  She returned home confident that life was truly taking a new direction.

Her life of trauma, however, was not yet over.  Shortly after returning from her exciting adventure as a Christian soloist she was in a car wreck that threatened the possibility of ever singing again.  The accident broke the middle bone in her ear and injured her neck in the area that affects the vocal cords.  The doctor said she would probably never sing again and would lose her hearing completely in the left ear.  Just like so many times before she was faced with the same challenge... trusting the physician or the Great Physician.  As she waited before the Lord this time, it was sheer torment, for she had tasted the life of serving the Lord full time.  Little by little the healing emerged into wholeness and her hearing and vocal ability was fully restored.

Once again Suzy reapplied her energy and talents in service to her Savior and Great Physician.  However, there was yet another obstacle to overcome.  On June 22, 2004 she returned from a ministry tour to find her husband, Gordon, had passed away.  It was an overwhelming heartbreak that severely unnerved her emotionally and seriously tried her faith.  Depending entirely on the Lord, she submitted to His direction and stepped back into the mission He had assigned her.  Today her life is filled with love, joy, peace and excitement as she travels across America and around the world, sharing her love for the Savior.


Suzy and Mike McCravy were married May 5, 2009 as the sun was setting in the background of the beautiful mountains in New Mexico. "God has truly blessed our lives together as Christ is the center of our ministry and marriage."

A little about Mike McCravy: "Mike has a heart after God and wants to serve the Lord through music, writing songs, Men conferences and working with children. Life has prepared Mike for being in the ministry as he has worked in construction, was a school teacher and managed a business."

Suzy was commissioned into Music Evangelism in 2006.  

Since 1999 The Country Gospel Music Association, has presented Suzy with twenty four awards, among them, the International Esteemed Servant. 
 She has received the International Full Time Female Vocalist four times, which qualified her for CGMA’s highest award, The Platinum Heart Award. 
Suzy’s songs are filled with compassion and her smile is infectious. 

Attending a Suzy Gayle concert is like walking with the Lord through a garden of floral majesty and indescribable affection.  She has paid a huge price for this pleasure and she intends to ride this Divine summit as long as the Lord would allow her to remain on earth.